Paroles Guilty

de Swizz beatz

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

All my ladies up, all my fellas up

Rudebwoy, yo, yo, yo, yo, get up

Just 'cause I'm guilty

(All my ghettoes up, all my ghettoes up)

(Weh, dem, deh?)

There doing you wrong

(Let's get it poppin', let's get it poppin', yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo)


Just 'cause I'm guilty

(We burn from Jamaica straight back to America)

Don't live at all

(Philly, Manhattan, yo, Washington)

(Let's get the party started)

Now all my niggas stay dirty dirty, bust rounds by the thirty thirty

Frontin' niggas y'all don't say a wordy wordy

Tired of y'all niggas frontin', and gettin' away

But, y'all niggas ain't gone leave today

I got that hot nine seven shit, drop dime never bitch

Y'all niggas know I ain't even got the leverage

Pullin' out guns huh, never even usin' 'em

Bounty we pull our guns and damn near abusin' 'em

This goes out for my ghettoes in America

Real niggas stand if your fake I ain't hearin' ya

And I don't need you on my album to sell

My name rings bells, so take it to hell


This, is the New York

Uh, stop that shit pause dog bitch rewind this

Oh, and I'm Swizz the monster

Y'all can hate all y'all want Ruff Ryders the sponsor

Just 'cause I'm guilty

(Okay, that's right)

There doing you wrong

(Okay, that's right)

Just 'cause I'm guilty

(Okay, that's right)

Don't live it all

(Okay, that's right, a weh, dem a deal wit?)

From the streets of Jamaica I come in special delivery

Bounty Killer, Swizz Beatz the new discovery

Why dem mess with us and know say shit wouldn't be lovely?

Last bwoy weh diss mi well him still inna recovery

Now they wanna cry when situation gettin' ugly

I am from the ghetto I know nothin' 'bout your luxury

Hear dem cats they braggin' say it's all about the Benji

The riches and the bitches and the ice and the Bentley

I am from the streets where thugs is dyin' plenty

Have to be careful if you die before your twenty

I make a vow mi haffi reach before mi seventy

Brought up inna this thing just for a century, yo

Just 'cause I'm guilty

(Okay, that's right)

There doing you wrong

(Okay, that's right)

Just 'cause I'm guilty

(Okay, that's right)

Don't live it all

(Okay, that's right Bounty Killer, Swizz Beatz)

Yo, yo we comin' through we got that raw

Tell me what you workin' for

We don't care about the bouncers comin' through the front door

Swizz Beatz, Bounty Killer givin' you the hardcore

Everybody standin' up givin' up the encore

Swizz Beatz my logo my motto, represent ghetto

Swizz, on your mark, get ready then let's go

I got to get these pesos to end all my stress so

The whole world mi let know no punk cannot test you

We know it's all good till a playa act up


And then I back up and make the clubs packed up

I, don't drink but, I'll buy the bar

Give it all to the club but, don't crash your car

Tell dem ghetto superstar, that's who we are

If that's not enough man a soldiers of war

With no riches and car, so faggots stay far

And a blar man, a blar don't you see dem too hard?

Just 'cause I'm guilty

(Okay, that's right)

There doing you wrong

(Okay, that's right)

Just 'cause I'm

Okay, that's right

Okay, that's right

You just heard a world premiere, Swizz Beatz, Bounty Killer

This is our year, any haters yo get outta here

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, easy man, just bounce

Just bounce, I'm back on this scene

I got my feet playin' on the ground for you cowards huh

Oh, yeah, y'all ain't ready for the war?

Bounty, I'm a check you in Jamaica

I be in the hood in uptown, New York

Or you catch me down at the dirty, dirty, A.T.L.

Or you can catch me, on the west coast, that Cali, Cali, Cali, Cali, Cali

Catch me at that Midwest, hey, I'm all over the world

Uh, now be easy dog one

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