Paroles New Year's Eve Ft. Marty James

de Snoop dogg

Were having a good day
Lets make it a great night
You know I see you
And .. so tight
My special lady
Youre one of a kind
And every time I see you shine
Its like the lights of midnight
On New Years Eve
And I do believe
On New Years Eve
We can make it
We can live forever
11:59 and not a second later
Shes stayin in the mix like a crossfader
Its about to go down
No elevator
Live for the moment
Love in the air
She got me feeling like
I dont wanna be your player
Real talk
So I dont wanna be unfair
Now watch the apple drop
And celebrate the year
I see you shinin away
From over there
And all the other girls
No, they dont compare
I whisper something bond to you
.. in your ear
I infiltrate your mind
And then I penetrate her
I get it crackin baby
Call me the lady
Grab a glass
Make a toast to the good life
Recorded line, so what?
It will pass the time
Leather seats in the back of a Phantom ride
You stay on my mind so I had to make you mine
Master .. for a master mind
My special lady
Only one of a kind
I never seen it comin
I guess love is blind
New Year come to life
I must say girl
Youre looking right
Your hair, nails, dress
Fitting tight
I think I just might
Says heres the one I like
See we can look forever girl
Lets be .. tonight

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