Paroles Boss' Life

de Snoop dogg

Boss' Life

f/ Akon

[Snoop Dogg]

Some of 'em lie about the shit they got and what they do on the block

Some of 'em lie about the guns they pop

But I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't

That's how it is for me 'cause I live a boss' life

So many niggaz wanna play but still got dues to pay

Some of 'em gotta beg a bitch to stay

But I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't

That's how it is for me 'cause I live a boss' life

Now this is for the B's and the C's, and the D's and the H's

And the G's puttin work in overseas

At ease with the Doggy and smoke some weed

Fuck it, if my nigga detoxing, it's more for me

Baby this is presidential really

A pocket full of women understanding how I'm living

Show them hoes how you winning

It's the beginning with the pearls you're given

The world soft like linen and sweet like cinnamon

But everyday like 50 say, it's +Many Men+

They wanna take me out the spot, they want the pussy and the ends

But separate the paper and the Benz and the cribs

Then the hoes, then the clothes, I'ma have to let 'em go

You know how the Dogg roll.. don't get it twisted

'Cause he bang out the East just in case you wanna visit

A touch of the exquisite, mixed with somethin pimpish

And it's comin from the Beach where them niggaz is a beast

But I just listen, all that shit is in my past

I'm connected to the purse first nigga.. the ass last

From Long Beach to Venice is the premise

Want the green like spinach and I'm strong to the finish

[Refrain: Akon]

See me man, I'm nothin like you

I got the kinda swagger that you ain't used to

I'm leanin in my ride, fo' fifth, cock bangin

Me, I'm ridin by ya on the corner, block slangin

I'm livin that boss' life (life)

The hoes come runnin when they see me comin

I'm livin that boss' life (life)

You can have anything just don't fuck with my money (my money)

[Snoop Dogg]

This is for the West and the East and the Dirty South

Khaki's and them Tim's and them niggaz with the platinum mouths

Thinkin that they blessed by the actions that be comin out

When you in Magic City you be carrying a lot of clout

But trickin ain't the route (route), that's even if you got it

There's a method to you holdin it when they can't do without it

Just put the key up in it nigga if she 'bout it

You can have her and her partner, fuckin with it for a dolla

If she a balla, she gon' ride with a shot caller

Roll with the Bo$$ Dogg in the back of a blue Impala

And if she follow.. then she gon' swallow

All the game you got to give her, be a different bitch tomorrow

But I would never bother breakin out +Tha Doggfather+

'Less I knew that she was 'bout him, havin diamonds on his collar

I'm just an author, spreading game to my partners

Walkin on the blue carpet with the Doctor (Doctor)



From a world of poverty, to the front page of magazines

Oh it feels good x4

Torn shoes on my feet, ridin round in limosines

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