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Paroles Deeper Than Rap Intro de Rick Ross

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Artiste : Rick Ross
Titre des paroles : Deeper Than Rap Intro

Paroles de Deeper Than Rap Intro

man: deeeeper......... deeeppp...
rick rosss:they say money is power, if thats the case... we millions of power...
with kush slin on my breath.(echos) lets go undergound in at these commerical niggas man... bossssss(echos)

verse 1
yeah,16 i caught my first case, crackers jump out and ranshack my folks place,toke me to dave county for a short stay, it was somethin small but chickens was fortay, lord forgive for my sin but i have to strave, starin out a bens is what i devesere, where every nigga you know got a felony,how will i every get to grow to better meeeeeeee. thats why we all broke is what they tell me? mom goin to chruch? she far from havenly, let me tell you about the last beef,ak-47 seven times seven feet, gave that bitch a bloodbath, shit is organized gotta bring those drugs back and what made it wrost was the killer fuckin his sister,brother was victem, she fell in love with a villan,pretty cars slept with pistols all under the pillow, shotty all in the kitchen heard over a bowl of ceral, this deeper than rap, i guess a box captain chruch can get you you get deeper than that?
i got thirty ounces in my shoe box. im on 2 pills and thinkin im hearin 2pac, im so rich bitch i can get so high, once everythin paid off i can just get die, i always had a plan to let you grand-wizer, see trenbles in land when the man whisper, go head suriface your sister and the boys flip her,this deeper than rap and i keep it trilla.
this deeper than rap(5x)

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