Paroles Stay A While

de Rakim

Clark Kent bring it on

What you wanna say to make me stay a while?

What you wanna say to make me wanna stay?

What you wanna say to make me stay awhile?

What you wanna say to make me wanna stay?

Just me and my peeps we gettin' buzzed, lookin' for clubs

Misses with kisses and hugs, lookin' for love

She gotta be nice with hers, even with cookin' some grub

Once I'm in I meet her friends then I'm hookin' my thugs

We'll be blowin' hundreds, always knowin' where the fun is

Roadrunners findin' more spots than Columbus

Pocket full of phone numbers from some of the world wonders

I take my time and find where the right one is

Smooth as jazz but more than a half, ready for math

And on a steady path, like Betty Shabazz

And when I see the wiz I'ma step to my biz

And there she is, let's see if she pass the quiz

It's appropriate we go get soakin' wet

Toast, we met, become close associates

The place is ours by now I can embrace your style

So much flavor I can taste your smile, stay awhile

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