Paroles Get Visual

de Rakim

[Verse 1]
Yes, yes y?all ? I still fiend by any means to flow
And I go through extremes, don?t intervene
My adventures show like a three-dimensional screen
?Cause I mention many things and I?m presenting many scenes
I guess I?m telegraphic, motions energetic
Better tell ?em forget it, ?cause I?m telekinetic
Ideas is blowin?, mics is blowin?
From what I?m showin?, see it?
I keep it goin? when I?m flowin?

I get visual, scenes of the lyrical individual?s critical
Nothing kids can do, I?m comin? through
I get visual, scenes of the lyrical individual?s critical
Nothing kids can do, I?m comin? through

[Verse 2]
Poetical pages cause panic, freestyles is frantic
Thoughts is organic, flow is aerodynamic
Mic is volcanic, rhymes spread across the planet
I send out the scribe now the vibe?s gigantic
Now, I?m internationally known, mental capacity?s blown
I hope your microphone?s accident prone
Raw footage is shown
But only showin? scenes of my own
Puttin? your periphereal vision in a zone
But not the twilight, from the insight that I write
And recite, and my mic?ll be bright, ?cause I like
The night glowin?, it's out of sight what I?m showin?
Rappers are knowin?, I keep it goin? when I?m flowin?

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
When I?m flowin?, theoritically speakin? like a drummer
I take you through the streets, to the park in the summer
Or illustrate a time and place you?ve never been
And make you focus on the future after seein? the beginning
And my style wild like Miles on the trumpet
Volume dial is kinda low, need to pump it
Up another notch, turn the dial ?til it stops
More watts you got, more things to watch
Third eye?s wide open, you focus on a theory
Keep scopin? till you hear me, words are spoken clearly
It's no smoke screens on the scenes that I?m showin?
Man I keep it goin?, damn I keep it flowin

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
Accurate tactics make ?em clap to this
When I move the crowd, my rhythm still don?t miss
Breeze through melodies ?cause it's been a long time
My lyrics is fury and rappers hate to hear me rhyme
Every antidote that I quote is no joke
Nobodys smilin? in the ghetto from the notes I wrote
My high techniques wreck and disrepect beats
Have you followin? the leader up and down the streets
So kick along, as I rip a song with pull
As the rhyme goes on I get paid in full
It's Rakim, indicating rhymes for the showin?
Check it out y?all, I keep it goin? when I?m flowin?

[Hook x2]

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