Paroles Live On The Mic

de Kurupt

Yeah, this is what you would call somethin' like

One of the things that, you know, when you meet your goal

You get to the top of the game and the dream come true

Kurupt and KRS-One freestyle

Yes, yes y'all, yeah, yeah y'all


KRS y'all, uh, huh, uh, huh


Yeah Kurupt, y'all

Time to check it out, uh, huh

Prophecy, y'all yes yes, y'all


KRS, y'all, uh, huh, like this y'all


You know what's up comin' through like that


I laugh at that, your whole premise is off

I'm blastin' that, somehow my foot is exactly where yo ass is at

Abusin' it, you know for 86 produce 77

I'm doin' to you on the other hand still kind of new to it

I spit lead into better men, you a veteran, ain't no tellin'

What I send to get them yet another one

My voice-box send shocks of adrenaline so you sweat again


Then again I noticed that everybody

Think they can fuck with us but luckily I noticed

Everybody want to be close to us, tryin' to bust when they bust

I seen them they ain't treacherous and they ain't fuckin' with us

My style's out this universe, words that serve all these emcees

They hear pre-verbs I break them down to nouns and verbs

They know exactly what I do, I run through crew for crew

KRS, it's on you, baby

True underground, Boogey Down got them runnin' around

Comin' to town breakin' them all the way down

And makin' them frown, true underground

Not a class clown, copy, guilty ass, papi

I roll with the mash out posse

The beat down posse, terror squad

You'll find you was never hard

When the clip loads and I yell Flip-Mode

My faster, fresh blows, give my foes death blows

The best nose, goes live at breath shows

See I heard it before, word it before

Worded it before, before

Every emcee tried to serve it before

Be Kurupt the raw dog hog servin' all y'all

Fuck around with us the top dog

Murder all y'all, my minds incredible

I'm out this mind state, lookin' at me, oh my goodness

What rhymes he creates

Is he the best? Wonderin', nah, ain't no best

It's only me and KRS we don't need no vest, mothafucka

Uh, like that, yeah, uh, huh, like that, uh

(We gangstafied Kurupt and KRS-One on the mic, Yeah)

Comin' through in the studio live

KRS-One, yeah I'm still on Jive

But I represent emcees now out in

Yeah, no doubt, I be kurupt the raw dog and I'm droppin'

Every emcee from here to Compton

Raw dog, assassin when you see me comin' through, blastin

Don't matter no harrassin, they won't lastin'

The last round, the last nigga knocked down

Provocative sound, droppin' off round for round

And pound for pound, I be from the Dogpound

It's me a Kris, nigga you can eat my dick

I break them down so quick, you can't fuck with this

The lyricist poltergiest is way nice

Break and take them in freezers just like ice

Fuck around with me, O.G, yo, we so precise

You know the teacher's agenda

We will be here forever, you plottin' to surrender

Action start, you start tremor

Never lose my temper, when my temple member

You know the center of the dope beat, remember

Yea, yea, haha

Raw dog assassin style

KRS and kurupt

Yea, yea, y'all, uh, huh

Like this, like this

Yeah, we make them bounce, I make them bounce

We make them bounce, yo, I make them bounce

Yo, I blaze a ounce, yeah, I blaze a ounce

I'm gonna bounce to the ounce

When the homies come through

Dogpound we surround like we bustin' at you

I leave ya flat, homie

You wonderin, you lookin' back, homie

I leave you all alone, in the danger zone

Lookin' at Kurupt and didn't notice it was on

My homeboy, slittin', spreadin', begin the spreadin'

Niggas, who don't bust rhymes, niggas start beheadin'

Me and Kris, we do it just like this

Lyricist, niggas can't fuck with this

That's right y'all, you heard what the man said

KRS-One styles could never be dead

Thats why we still in-in the studio

Chillin' it's about three o'clock

And we representin' real hip-hop

Now you know what time it is

We got the camera in our face

KRS-One, all up in the fuckin' place

You know what time it is

We got to come back again

I got my friend, I can't remember his name again

But I'm gonna keep flowin', gonna keep showin'

Remember the skills that out the box

We be blowin', like that, yo Foxy you on the track

Come and get some'a that pass it right back

Now my man, Kurupt, on the mic like this

Now come back and represent beside the Kris

Clap your hands, get it all together then

See me come through, me and Kris

Tougher than leather and every emcee who come through

Be better than you, Claimin' they better than you

But we start severin' heads

Everybody lookin' at me I flows from the head

Leave them all dead, nigga, you heard what I said

Punk ass niggas, don't realize the game

Despisin' the game homeboy televisin' the game

Seen the game, so im televisin the game

Surprisin' the game, oh no, I'm risin' the game

They shook down they took down, shook like clowns

See me rockin' I be rockin' all around

Don't you know it, oh yeah, the poltergiest poet

Throw it, I show it, homeboy just don't blow it

Sit on the couch, with a joint in my mouth

Gettin' as high as can be, even though, they despisin' me

Realizin' I be makin' more money than Spike Lee

And that's my homie, O.G to me

Yo, Kris, we gonna do it like this


Drop them down, quick, and they can eat a dick

Boogey Down, Boogey Down

Boogey Down, Boogey Down

Boogey Down production

Boogey Down, Boogey Down

Boogey Down, Boogey Down

Ha-ha ha-ha


Yo we out, dog

(Bitch gangsta life, me and KRS-One on the mic)

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