Paroles Pablo

de Gucci mane

Money stack dope like Pablo
Pay so after pay so,
You don't wanna walk with Pablo
That kid he wouldn't say so

Touch down with it like Pablo
'cause I don't seek some Pablo
Diamonds on my neck like Pablo
And the fenz on my ass like Pablo.
Pablo Pablo Pablo, Pablo Pablo Pablo
Pablo Pablo Pablo, Pablo Pablo Pablo
Pablo Pablo Pablo, Pablo Pablo Pablo
Pablo Esco
Pablo Pablo Pablo, don't wanna go to war with Pablo
Pablo Pablo Pablo Esco
Pablo Pablo Pablo Esco
You don't wanna walk with Pablo
Benz on my hands like Pablo
Touch down with the dope like Pablo
Benz on six some Pablo.

Stop the track!

Salute toA choppa
21 got .. all our peoples at the blanco
Pay so euro all about DeNiro
Taylor suit like Pablo, time to sell the shayo
Cool up, call me Pablo,
Bust little bricks with the bako
I can cool and do so with the blind foe,
May your head to your mama with your eye closed,
Pablo like got them Pablo price,
And them key finish steady soon then Pablo ice
And the whole crew like it the Pablo like
And grew up drop tryin to sell the ..

Pablo Pablo Pablo Pablo
And shiver a .. yeah that's my macho
Y escucho my .. Ferarri my ..
Hey hacho hustle yeah they think I need the ..


[E 40:]
It's damn dounce, seeming and rows
Pure berry big biscuits biscuits
Seven points 6-2, if I point 5 six it,
Tell em this for .. snitchin' witness
Tryin' to fly not in the death, yeah yeah
You probably want it mind your business
Act like you can't see or hear
A disquiet, a tasket, now the f*ck Nicki in the casket
My money stash like elastic, serving that tragic magic,
That mazo candy, that nastro duts,
You don't really wanna go to war with us,
Maestro ashes, death to death
Bringing you in work, and you in hard trucks.

Got more bastard and Chris Crangles,
Putting on the sniff before wink up,
Manipulate the bro with the lingo,
She let me hit it we ain't even have to lingo
All up in the pennies like a singo
Put it down like a mandingo
Having my cheeps line rina
Guns longer than the neck on the flamingo
If you ready , I'm ready than you ain't gotta get ready
I might have selling .. about my ..
Hoping to long and catch regret and now they pushing their watch
Serving fees smoking out the .. price,
I'm a thug for the mud, I got the block in my blood
I take the top of the bottle and drink the problem this is
That .. I put some cheese on your thoughts
Real hit no matter the cost .


My big brother the dope man
Five strops like broke man
It's Pablo and the pimp man
Tax a bitch like uncle Sam
F*ck niggas be like oh man
Nigga we young, nigga we getting it
Hey y'all niggas is jealous,
'cause y'all niggas ain't getting shit,
I say yes nigga indeed,
I dress spelling I'll read
Shine gold tea when I giff
Pick your eyes up when I speak
Got, got that big rench, real horses
Y'all nigga blue jeans
Only talk big money, we real niggas, y'all niggas too cheap


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