Paroles Change You Or Change Me

de Fabolous

You know what?
Everybody goes through some changes in life
Some poeple change for the better, some poeple change for the worse
But umm, some people need to make that change
You know what I mean? Change is good sometimes. You know?

[Verse 1]
Why would I change? I ain't never slide down a bad pole
Even though I'm certified over plat's sold
They say I'm different 'cuz I ride in a plat. Rolls
But every time, we gotta ride don't this cat roll?
I never snitch, and go and hide in a rat hole
And I aint givin' you nothing besides what this gat hold
No pride, I ain't that old
Cut off a few, but kept a few girls I decide like I'm ??
It probably don't seem like a struggle
But I used to dream that this thug'll balance beams just to smuggle
It's funny same girls that didn't seem like they'd love you
Is beggin'for your autographs ands screamin' to hug you
It's crazy, same dudes that seem like they thug you
Is prayin' on your downfall, schemin' to mug you
And people that didn't give a fuck, is dreamin' to bug you
And goin through' extreme's just to plug you, who really changed?

This game ain't change me, so don't let it change you
If you've been real with me, I'm still real with you
If you got love for me, I still got love for you
If you down for me, then I'm still down for you
If you don't fuck with me, then I don't fuck with you
If you ain't cool with me, then I ain't cool with you
If you won't ride with me, then I won't ride for you
This game ain't change me, don't let it change you

[Verse 2]
Why would I change? I didn't step out of Superman's phone booth
To r

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