Paroles R.a.k.i.m.

de Eminem

Rak, Rak, Rak, Rak, Rak, Rak, Rak,Intro X2RRugged and rough thats how i do itAAllah, who i praise to the fullestKKeep it
movin'IStand aloneMIts
my crown, my world, my throneVerse 1Hey when Rak come alongits a rap ya'll relaxthe alminacjust show me where the parties atseminars and tracksclosed comas and cardiacsbroads
and cats screamin "oh my god, hes back"just amagine, i hit
the lab and get it crackinA thousand styles and one verse
wearing the swiss patternschicks get stabbed in the back
til they have spasmsknown to spit a magnum or split a
atomwho would of known that jesus would come back to the
ghettoon that levellike a black pharoah with packed
metalso black rebels, a black pedalthe pharoah with
5 bevels and take a word of rapgettin bazaarre, oh
hardcorethis is for yall, the crib or the parplayin
when you get in the carchill at the bar, spit somethen or
split a cigarget with yah dogs to bring along to the
barIntro X2Verse 2I
used to paint this flo' on nathan scrollsthen learned
to make this doe with gangstas rollthink like the late
great capone, but the bank is closedthese cats that think
they ball but they aint this coldim from new york city,
even where pretty chicks act darkniggas get clapped up,
you stack up, they stick that upput the strap up, you
thought my name was kid, back upbig niggas, *spit* pick
that up or lick that upraised by gangsters and gamblers,
hustlers, conartists, convicts, killers and donsdrug
dealers, players and pimps, smooth talkers, stick up kids,
thugs, real niggas and dogswanted by every soul and lay
dead in the turfcursed by every spirt and never made it to
birthsince the moon seperated from earththats why
they say thats why im the greatest that ever orcahstrated a
verseIntro X2Verse 3Hey
yotoast to that, its the cat that broke backs to a sold
clap or smoke a track, how dope is thatpope will rap,
wrote back the most slackthey know back before they turned
coke to crackto my dawgs hearin sirens on the firearmsi'll come, dyin wars and behind iron barsthe
boulevard retire broads when i aint bobtry and rob my
dialog, i am godchicks moan to get next to my throne,
sniff my cologne and get rak alonesex pots at home, the
tests gots to gocaress spots, dressed up, fed rocks to
bonehit the floors, its for 2003hits galore, who
rock a style as wild as merest assured when i rock dance
crowds, they screambitch malore, i rock mine out rahimIntro X4

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